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Dr. Cornes was previously the Clinical Lead for Behaviour Management for all Liverpool schools (primary and secondary). Dr. Cornes has vast experience of working therapeutically in mainstream schools and within specialist educational sectors such as SEN, BESD, AEP and PRUs.

  • Creating therapeutic services for students and offering resilience training and support to staff to enhance reflection and decision-making and reduce stress associated with working in challenging environments.

Adrian Packer - Principal, Everton Free School

Adrian Packer

Adrian Packer

“In September 2013, View Psychology Limited was commissioned to set up and manage a dedicated therapeutic service for Everton Free School. Our School offers Alternative Provision for young people who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education. The students are aged 14-19 with exceptional emotional and psychological needs that present challenging scenarios on a daily basis. The School is subject to the same high levels of scrutiny as mainstream Schools.

Dr Cornes, Director of View Psychology Limited, developed the TES (Therapeutic Engagement Service) which is available for all students and staff whom have access to resilience building sessions which Dr.Cornes leads. Dr Cornes provides assessment and therapeutic interventions for our students.

Dr Cornes has a number of exceptional professional attributes. His work has been noted by the School’s Governors as “important and significant” in improving life chances of young people. His approach is methodical, creative and dynamic. He is making our School a more reflective place to work and has promoted some alternative yet highly effective practices and procedures in a relatively short period of time.

Dr Cornes is an impressive strategist. He continues to advise me and other senior leaders at the School on how to progress our bold vision to make the School a centre of excellence for bridging the gap between health care and education. Our initial studies indicate significant improvements in student well-being and achievement. The positive/negative student behaviour reporting ratio went from 50/50 to 80/20 in a matter of weeks. Staff are also reporting positive responses to resilience building and benefitting from specific training which focuses on issues such as de-escalation techniques, child and adolescent mental health problems, ADHD, ASD, and understanding over/under-identification challenges faced by teachers in Alternative Provision.

Dr Cornes has created brief psychological profiles on every student in the school highlighting presenting problems, trigger points and the management of behaviour and risk that translate into safe, accountable, transparent and defensible practice.

Dr Cornes leads weekly case study reviews with the TES and does this with terrific flair and remarkable insight. The service continues to develop and is a key component of the School’s develop plan.

I would recommend View Psychology Limited and Dr Cornes without reservation and with great enthusiasm.”


View Psychology offers consultancy specializing in educational support for pupils with a wide variety of needs including:

1. Consultation, assessment, advice and treatment of children who present with emotional, behavioural, familial and psychological problems.

2. Treatment of children who present with significant anger/behavioural issues and impulse control problems.

3. Specialist assessment and consultancy on pupils with more complex emotional, behavioural, educational and psychological needs.

4. Training in the following areas; child and adolescent mental health, behaviour management, recognising and managing anger (including de-escalation techniques), social and emotional development and bespoke packages to suit the school’s particular needs, e.g. working with pupils from chaotic families, working with pupils who have experienced abuse/neglect or have specific disorders such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders including Asperger’s Syndrome), etc.

5. Acting as a therapeutic bridge between the school and hard to engage families to help build and foster positive collaborative relationships.

6. Engaging in family work to help break negative parenting cycles that maintain dysfunctional and challenging behaviour in the pupil.

7. Mediation work between pupils to break perpetrator/victim cycles. Mediation work between pupils and teachers to foster positive relationships. Dr. Cornes is trained in Restorative Justice Practices to resolve conflict.

8. Therapeutic work with young people with conduct problems. Dr. Cornes has won an award for work with young people in gangs exhibiting antisocial behaviours – see for details.

Dr. Cornes offers bespoke training to many schools with outstanding feedback, including positive contribution to Ofsted Reports. Dr. Cornes experience of providing such support to teaching staff over many years is that it results in improved communication with children, greater understanding of what the child’s behaviour is attempting to convey and better outcomes. The end result contributes to safer and more accountable practice and improved attendance, attainment and behaviour.

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