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FPR certificate - deaf services in the UK

Dr. Cornes has undertaken training on Practice direction 25A of the Family Procedure Rules from Bond Solon and hold The Family Procedure Rules for Expert Witnesses Certificate. Dr. Cornes has undertaken Expert Witness training with the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Dr. Cornes has undertaken training in the Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment with Professor Crittenden. Dr. Cornes has also undertaken training in Attachment Narrative Therapy with Professors Dallos & Vetere. Dr. Cornes is a vetted expert listed in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

Lord Justice Rimer, Lord Justice McFarlane and Lord Justice Vos in the Matter of C (a child), the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) on Appeal from the High Court Family Division, 21.01.2014.

“Ryder LJ, at that interlocutory permission to appeal hearing, whilst not granting permission to appeal, nevertheless gave permission for Dr Cornes to provide a report. I, and I think my Lords, are very grateful to Dr Cornes for undertaking that task within a tight timetable and producing a comprehensive report which has changed the climate of the case. The local authority now see what is said about the father in the light of advice from an expert who, whilst not deaf himself, has had a lifetime of experience in matters of communication between deaf people, the fact that that expert identifies substantial detriments in the process undertaken by the local authority and by the court has led to the state of agreement that exists between the parties resulting in the consensus that the appeal should be allowed.”

Dr. Cornes has considerable experience of working as an independent Expert Witness and single joint expert in Family Courts offering expert opinion on a range of matters including:
  • Psychological assessment of children and young people;
  • Assessment of the impact of parenting/life experiences on psychological, social and emotional development;
  • Family assessment;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Capacity to parent assessments of parents who are deaf;
  • Parental and inter-sibling attachment;
  • Placement and access;
  • Advice on psychological needs and treatment options.
Expert witness logoIn addition, Dr. Cornes can offer Expert Witness work with deaf/hearing-impaired children; adolescents and adults. Here is the link find out more.

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