Recommendations for Dr. Andrew J Cornes AFBPsS:


Dr.Andy Cornes, recieving award

People’s Choice Award winners Dr. Andy Cornes and PC Rob Pritchard with (left to right) Angela Jones Past Chair of Alder Hey, Sir Bernard Hogan Howe Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Louise Shepherd and veteran broadcaster Don Maclean.

I am very proud of what Dr. Andy Cornes and PC Robbie Pritchard have achieved with the People’s Choice Award. They are producing positive results and continuing to enhance the reputation of the communities of Croxteth and Norris Green.” – Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Richard Ellis – Family Solicitor
“Andrew carried out an extremely detailed assessment in complex care proceedings in Swindon where one of the children had hearing problems. The other child had significant behavioural difficulties. His excellent report was praised by the court and following his involvement the children were rehabilitated to their mother’s care. I am more than happy to recommend Andrew and would not hesitate to use him again should the situation arise.”

Kris Griffin - Marketing and Social Media Specialist. Public Speaker. Future Leader.
I’ve worked with Andy in my capacity as a consultant with Everton Free School. I’ve been inspired by the positive change he has brought to the Free School and education in general. It is rare to come across an initiative as powerful as the therapeutic engagement service that Andy has forged; the effects will be felt across Merseyside for generations. His approach, tenacity and good-will are things I will take with me and I believe they can change the face of education and business in the UK. It’s simply a case of listening to the right people, Andy is one of them.”

Pat McLaren – Healthcare and Pharma Marketing Strategist
“Dr Cornes is an inspirational colleague and healthcare professional who is passionate about good mental health and ensuring that children and families in his care get the swiftest interventions possible – despite the pressures this put on his personal time. I was particularly impressed by the amount of ‘out of hours’ work he undertook in trying to deter youngsters in Merseyside from being absorbed into gangs from an early age – working in partnership with different agencies to try to get this both on and up the agenda. He is wise, empathetic and extremely well read as well as being great fun to be around. I have no hesitation in recommending him and know that he will be successful in whatever he decides to pursue next.”

Sue O’Rourke – Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice
I have known of Andy’s work, both clinical and academic for many years and worked jointly on cases involving medico-legal reports. He is renowned in Mental Health and Deafness; an international expert in working with Deaf families. The quality of his work is excellent and always focused on the needs of the client. I often suggest him for assessments involving Deaf children in family proceedings. He is efficient, thoughtful and thorough in his approach and I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Garry Walter – Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Sydney at University of Sydney
“I worked with Dr Cornes for several years in Sydney, Australia. He impressed as an astute clinician, highly skilled at working across different service sectors, an excellent and innovative researcher, and an outstanding presenter.”

Feras Al-Moubayed – Deaf Program Consultant & Image Consultant
“I have known Andy for 24 years and recently hired him as an external consultant to help my organisation develop national services for deaf children in Syria. Andy has an international reputation in the field of mental health and social and emotional development of deaf children and the advice and support he gave was extremely helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a consultant. He is highly creative and committed to improving access and developing services for deaf children, young people and their families.”

Kevin Baker – Clinical Psychologist at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
“Dr Cornes is an insightful and careful thinker. His experience and understanding about the effects of Deafness on a child and on adults are carefully considered and scientific – balancing opinion with fact and research. I would not hesitate to recommend his work as an Expert Witness in Court proceedings or as a Consultant.”

Richard Ellis – Family Solicitor
“Andrew carried out an extremely detailed assessment in complex care proceedings in Swindon where one of the children had hearing problems. The other child had significant behavioural difficulties. His excellent report was praised by the court and following his involvement the children were rehabilitated to their mother’s care. I am more than happy to recommend Andrew and would not hesitate to use him again should the situation arise.”

Cathy Clark – Board Member at Deaf Children Australia
“I have known Andy for over 20 years since we worked together in the deaf sector. Back then, Andy was a passionate advocate, family counsellor to deaf and hard of hearing young people and worked hard to ensure positive outcomes for his clients. I recently caught up with Andy in Melbourne when he was an international guest speaker at the invitation of the Victorian Deaf Education Institute to conduct a two day workshop for teachers of the deaf on the psychological well being of students with hearing loss, particularly those who use sign language to communicate. Andy’s lecture and workshop was excellent. He was articulate, listened to case studies and was able to explain difficult concepts in a practical way that was understood by a wide range of practitioners. I have no hesitation writing this recommendation for Andy.”

Toby Beck – Independent Social Worker / Case Manager and Director of Smart Social Work Ltd
“Dr Andrew Cornes has provided responsive and effective therapeutic services for a client and their family. The assessment, report and ongoing therapeutic support offered has been entirely conducive with the child and their families needs. Thank you.”

Dirk Vennix – Chief Executive Officer
“Andrew is a long-standing and loyal friend who has provided me with valuable and spot-on advice. This is no doubt borne out of the fact that Andrew has a lot of experience in dealing with behaviourial issues in an incisive but compassionate way. He has strong interpersonal skills and coupled with an empathy and sharp mind these attributes combine to make him a unique individual and extremely good consultant to have on board. I have no hesitation in recommending him to prospective clients.”

Matt Brown – Partner at Irwin Mitchell
“Dr Cornes provided a comprehensive and insightful report on a client of mine with a brain injury, hearing difficulties and other complex needs. He did so promptly and I have found him to be very professional and efficient.”

Mark Breen – Director of J and M Consultancy N.I. LLP
“J and M Consultancy N.I ( Northern Ireland ) have been fortunate to benefit from Dr Cornes expert knowledge in working with individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired during our work with perpetrators of domestic violence. This is a very sensitive and highly complex area of work which becomes more problematic when working with deaf-related issues. Dr Cornes assisted our work greatly in providing expert guidance on cultural issues and practical support to help us provide a meaningful and worthwhile service to our clients.”

Clare White – Director at Alder Hey Children’s Charity
“I worked with Andrew on developing a project with challenging young people in Merseyside. Andrew has already received an award for his mental health work with disadvantaged youth and the partnership between Andrew’s expertise and that of our organisation in working with challenging young people was perfect. Andrew is approachable and empathetic and has the ability to strike up a conversation or find a point of commonality even with the most challenging of individuals. He is extremely knowledgeable and applies this knowledge with sensitivity and commitment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Phil McMahon – Director, EllisonSage Search & Selection
“Andrew is a trusted friend and I rely on him for sage advice and support. I know his character well. He’s wise with a sharp mind and a real concern for, and knowledge of, the community he serves. He has a natural gravitas and a striking and admirable passion for his subject. When I need to understand what drives the actions of others Andrew is the first person I ask for insight. He’s an exceptional individual and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to others.”

John Ashley – Education consultant at John Ashley
“Dr Cornes has proved to be an extremely perceptive, knowledgeable and expert practitioner. He has worked with me and my staff in support of children and young people who experience complex learning difficulties. Our youngsters often have additional mental health needs. Dr Cornes is very personable and connects immediately, and with great effect, to staff and young people so he can then help towards solution-led approaches.”

Karyn Barrasso – Communications and Operations Manager, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
“Dr Andy Cornes is an engaging and responsive professional and it is always a pleasure to have him present in Australia, where his work is highly respected and in demand. Dr Cornes uses great personal and professional case studies to provide an engaging presentation and workshops. Andy’s delivery style is entertaining however he is able to handle sensitive issues and/or questions beautifully, as well as providing practical and well referenced handouts and notes for participants to follow. Dr Andy Cornes knows his stuff and is a delight to work with on every level!”

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